Which Hosting Is The Best For My Website ?

Which Hosting Is The Best For My Website 2020?

Which Hosting Is The Best For My Website 2020 ? Once you think about creating your website for any purpose and follow the steps here, you start looking for the best solution to host your website online, you will find yourself confused about the options and how good or bad they will be for your website, here are few comparison articles for the most well-known web hosting providers based on the features, performance and the options they provide:

Which Hosting Is The Best For My Website 2020 ?

Shared Hosting

This type of web hosting is mostly the cheapest, your website will share resources with other websites, suitable for Small and medium websites which have low visiting rate and does not need large disk space, like a company website, personal portfolio, simple informative website about products or services, low budget business, all of them support installing WordPress websites for free

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting provides perfect hosting environment designed only for WordPress websites, with the ability to scale, manage and monitor the performance of your wordpress website in one dashboard,  suitable for medium and large WordPress websites which have high to very high visiting rate and needs large disk space, like a blog, press website, newspaper, platform, social media website, educational website, e-commerce website, listing website and so on.

VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server

Well, we are talking now about the big players, platforms and websites that needs large disk space, powerful performance, have high traffic and visiting rate, to have the ability to control the advanced features in your server, and much more services that can not be found in normal share hosting, with the ability to install any kind of websites, any script, no restrictions here for wordpress or some limited cms, suitable for professional web developers that manage large number of websites and each website has an exceptional performance with very high traffic rate and large bandwidth usage, newspaper, platform, social media website, educational website, multi vendor e-commerce website, listing website, you definitely got what we are talking about here. 


VPS (Virtual Private Server) is having a separate SSD disk to be prepared to work for you as a dedicated server with very strong performance and high scalibility. 


In Dedicated Servers, You will have the entire server with all of its resources to you and your websites.

Share with us in the comments which one is the best for your website.

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